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FAQ and Service

Our terms of payment, terms of shipment and delivery are contained in our General Terms & Conditions (GTC) as well as in our return policy. Additional information can be found under payment methods as well as shipping and delivery.

If you have any questions about, before or after your order, you would like to provide us with feedback or comments, you would like to inquire about a product or you have any other concerns, then please contact us using the communication channels listed below.

Contact hours

You can reach us 24 hours a day from Monday up to and including Sunday, e.g. by e-mail, contact form or via the product enquiry form within the individual item view. We shall make any effort to reply to you within 24 hours.

Due to the different geographical time zones, at which you may decide to contact us, it can generally take up to 48 hours for us to respond to you at peak times. The response times vary depending on the nature of your enquiry.

However, you can often expect a response within a few hours or immediately in case you contact us via chat during our active business hours from Monday up to and including Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. CET (Central European Time). Please note that the chat is not always online during active business hours. Even outside of our active business hours we shall make any effort to reply to you promptly.


Please check our frequently answered questions (FAQ) to see if you can find a suitable answer to your question.

Can I also order by fax, e-mail, contact form, letter, telephone or by appearing in person?

No. Basically, all items offered in our Shop can only be ordered through our Shop. Deviations from this can occur, for example, with orders of quantities or with customized adjustments that are non-standard (not customary in trade) or for which you would like to obtain an individual offer. Only in the course of individual agreements in text form can a different contractual basis other than our General Terms & Conditions or a different form of order processing other than through our Shop be chosen.

Why can't I see the details of my order in my account?

For the order to be visible in your Customer account, you should have already registered and be logged into our Shop before or during the ordering process. A subsequent registration does not cause an order to be visible in your Customer account, which you placed as a guest with us.

Can I log in with my social network account to speed up the ordering process?

Yes, as a guest for a faster checkout you can use your Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, VK or LinkedIn accounts during checkout to prefill your billing and shipping details. Please make sure that the details you provide are up to date. For more information, please check our privacy policy.

Where do I address delays in delivering products consignable by parcel post?

Usually, you will receive a tracking code by e-mail or visible in your Customer account, provided you are registered and logged in during the ordering, or as a guest via Shipping & Delivery. This helps you to coordinate your delivery according to your schedule. If there are any delays or problems with delivery, please contact the shipping service provider directly if possible. This is the fastest and most direct way. If you do not find a satisfactory solution, please contact us.

Where do I address any issue concerning the delivery of products not consignable by parcel post?

The freight forwarder we have commissioned will contact you by e-mail or telephone in order to arrange a suitable time frame for the delivery with you. Please make sure that you sign the copy of the delivery note or other required documents upon delivery and please pay attention to the instructions in Shipping & Delivery.

For freight requiring longer distances or longer delivery times, we will inform you about the status of the delivery. If there are delays or problems with delivery, please contact the freight forwarder directly if possible. This is the fastest and most direct way. If you do not find a satisfactory solution, then please contact us.

Technical questions and answers

Why can't I add items to my shopping cart?

Please first delete the entire history of your browser including cookies and check, whether it would then work properly. Make sure that you have not opened any tabs of your browser in different languages of our Shop. This is because not all of our items are available in different languages, and this restriction may prevent you from adding items to your shopping cart.

Who should I contact if I have a technical problem with the payment service provider?

Once you are redirected from our Shop to the payment service provider of your choice, you complete the payment process using the payment service provider’s technical platform. We have no influence and no knowledge of the detailed technical processes underlying the payment processing by the respective payment service provider.

We will only be notified of the successful completion or cancelation of a payment transaction and the receipt of payment. If you therefore have any problems with the payment transaction concerning the respective payment service provider, please select another payment method that is acceptable to you or contact the payment service provider directly if possible. Otherwise, please contact us.


Originally established as a service provider of global trade services for businesses, we are aware of the importance to provide a timely, efficient, respectful and polite, unbiased and professional service to our Customers at all times.

Whether the service is provided to a Business or to a Consumer, the principle of individual treatment of people is always the same, especially in international trade.

The appreciation shown to us and the trust that our Customers place in us shall especially be reflected in our competent, reliable and individual service.

Customer Service

In order to reply to Customer enquiries, our Customer service is provided primarily by e-mail or through a support ticketing system (help desk). Hence, you can

  • contact us by e-mail to,
  • communicate your request by means of our contact form,
  • use the ‘Service’ button to send a message by e-mail,
  • use the ‘Service’ button to contact us via live chat during our active business hours,
  • ask your specific questions within the individual item view using the enquiry form,
  • open a support ticket via,
  • open a ticket in your customer account within the order details view.

Our Customer service does not cover the processing of requests that deal with the details of payment methods, such as your PayPal account settings. We have provided you with some information about your payment options with regard to the respective payment service provider. If you have any questions regarding the processing or the refund of a payment, then please contact us or the respective payment service provider directly.

If we have irritated you or disturbed your well-being, even though we have established clear guidelines for our Customer service, and you would like to complain, please do so by email:
We will examine your complaint carefully and conscientiously.

Our Customer service and the interwoven processes are regularly reviewed and optimized. Therefore, we welcome your feedback in order to constantly improve our offer for you. Please use the following feedback form.


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