No. Every vendor must select one of the plans (free, bronze, silver, gold or platinum) at the monthly subscription fee. Each plan allows a vendor to sell a product at the given selling fee per unit sold. The vendor must set up the appropriate and individual cost for shipping. Payment gateways do not incur transaction costs for seller, but the vendor only pays the monthly fee. Sales taxes are calculated automatically for each country, which means where the vendor’s business is registered at or where the seller is residing in. There are no setup fees nor any further costs.

Yes. The minimum period of subscription for any plan is 1 month. Once you decide to cancel your plan, no further payment is due. Your subscription is handled with Paypal so that you need a Paypal account to pay your subscription. Once Stripe will be available for subscription on our marketplace, you may pay your monthly subscription plan via Stripe.

Upon cancellation of your plan, your store will be kept intact indefinitely. However, your products will be deleted after 12 months once you cancel your paid or free plan without subscribing to any other new plan. During this time without a plan, whether free or paid, none of your products would be visible to customers.

If you decide to downgrade from a paid plan to a lower or free plan, then all of your products above the limit of products you are allowed to sell under a new plan will be set as inactive and they would not be visible to customers. In this regard, the products set as inactive will be those with the lowest sales in ascending order. In case of products with the same level of sales, the most recently published products are kept. If you decide to upgrade from a free or lower plan to a higher plan, then all your products will be kept in addition to the new products you upload until the limit for this plan is reached.

At any time, you can only subscribe to one plan. If you are unsure about the use of your plan, then it is recommended to use our free plan.